Readers' Showcase: Scott Matthews
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Readers' Showcase: Scott Matthews

When You Get Caught Between the Moon and New York City, 2015. Photo by Scott Matthews

Where are you from, and what’s your history with photography?

I live in New York City, became a dad in 2004. When my daughter was about three or four, my mother gave me my first digital point-and-shoot. Her agenda was clear: send more photos of her first grandchild! But I never got the hang of the thing, and didn't use it much. Then in 2010 we were on a family vacation, and I decided to share photos from our trip while we were still on the road. Something about sharing in near-real-time made it click for me. But just as I was starting to get into it, the New Mexico dust totally jammed up my camera. I then decided I would research and purchase a replacement. I settled on a Sony NEX 5, because the mirrorless concept appealed to me.

Now I'd describe myself as something between avid amateur and semi-professional. I've had a travel set published in the New York Times, and I'm a regular contributor to a few local NYC papers. I've also had a few covers of Contexts magazine and I've sold several prints, the largest being a 60"x40" that was produced for me by Duggal Visual Solutions here in NYC.