'The Bottle Tree Portal' by Benjamin Barakat
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'The Bottle Tree Portal' by Benjamin Barakat

Location: Socotra, Yemen

Artist Statement: Nights on the mystical island of Socotra are unforgettable, especially under the embrace of the most alien-looking and beautiful trees I have ever seen. Their gnarled and twisted trunks seemed to tell stories of ancient times while the blooming pink flowers added a touch of ethereal beauty.

However, what truly took my breath away was the darkness. It was as if someone had flipped a switch and turned off all the lights in the world. The stars shone so brightly that it felt like I could touch them. The horizon was so dark that it looked like the zenith.

In that moment, I felt small and insignificant, but incredibly alive, connected to the primal forces of nature that shaped this magical place over millions of years.

Setting: Foreground: ISO 6400 | 5x 60 seconds | F2.4 / Sky: ISO 800 | 6 x 90 sec | F2.4

Camera Gear:

Canon EOS R Astro-modified
TTArtisan 11mm F2.8
Sunwayfoto T3640CM
iOptron Skyguider Pro