International Garden Photographer of the Year Winners
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International Garden Photographer of the Year Winners

The winning photographs from the International Garden Photographer of the Year Competition 12 have been announced, with the top prize going to photographer Jill Welham of North Yorkshire, England for the above photograph titled 'Fireworks' that was submitted under the Abstract category.

Passionate about the cyanotype print process, 'Fireworks' showcases the details of three Allium heads created using a wet cyanotype process.

'This image of three Allium heads was created using a technique known as wet cyanotype. Two chemicals, ammonium citrate and potassium ferricyanide, are mixed together to create a photosensitive solution which is painted onto the surface of watercolour paper and left to dry,' says Welham in the image's description. 'This process needs to be conducted away from UV light, and once dry the paper must be kept in a light-proof bag until it is used.'

In addition to Welham's photograph, we've rounded up the remaining dozen winners from each of the remaining twelve categories. The winning photographs were narrowed down from more than 19,000 entries from over 50 countries.

The IGPOTY Competition 13 contest is already taking submissions. You can find out more information and submit your work on the IGPOTY website.