7th Place — Fall Impressions by Jason Flenniken
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7th Place — Fall Impressions by Jason Flenniken

Gear & Settings:

  • Sony A7R IV
  • 70–200mm F4 Lens
  • 84mm F11 1/20s ISO 200


About the photo: This was an image taken on my first trip to Acadia National Park in October 2019. It was my first time seeing fall color in the northeast, and I was completely blown away. This location is a Tarn right on the side of the road. It was taken mid-morning. For about 30 minutes you get perfect reflections of the hillside colors in the water.

This area was full of small scene compositions, and I was lucky in that some cloud cover created patchy light. It required little editing as does most shots from that time of year in Acada, the colors are almost too vibrant straight from the camera. Shot with a 70–200 f/4 and Sony A7R4, which let me crop in to really narrow down the shapes in the image.