Winners and finalists of the Academy's annual BigPicture competition
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Winners and finalists of the Academy's annual BigPicture competition

San Francisco's California Academy of Sciences recently announced the winners and finalists of its 7th annual BigPicture: Natural World Photography Competition. Over 6,400 images were submitted by photographers from 65 countries across categories including Terrestrial Wildlife, Winged Life, Landscapes, Waterscapes & Flora, Aquatic Life, Art of Nature, and Human/Nature.

Competition entries were selected by a panel of judges including wildlife photographer Suzi Eszterhas along with award-winning nature and conservation photographers Shin Arunrugstichai, Roie Galitz, Daisy Gilardini, Margot Raggett, and Tony Wu. The Grand Prize entry was awarded to Andy Parkinson of Crich, United Kingdom, for his image 'Hare Ball.' He spent 3 years familiarizing himself with the territory and behavior of his subject before capturing it braving a winter storm.

'Only a highly-skilled photographer can present a common subject in an extraordinary way,' says Suzi Eszterhas, BigPicture's Jury Chair. 'In this photo we see a hare as we've never seen it, curled up in a ball and looking rather like a sculpture as it's bathed in sub-arctic light. Andy has created an image that has it all: technical perfection, artistic skill, and behavior. To me this is an image of beauty and resilience that speaks to weathering a storm. An image that I believe the world needs now more than ever.'

All 49 winning and finalist images will be featured at the annual BigPicture photography exhibit. It's set to take place later in the summer at the California Academy of Sciences. BigPicture is currently accepting applications for its Emerging Photographer Grant, which will provide a cash grant and mentorship to 2 aspiring photographers between ages 18-25, through May 31st.