2020 Underwater Tour Awards Winners
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2020 Underwater Tour Awards Winners

The Underwater Tour Awards recently announced the winners of its inaugural photography competition. Hundreds of images were submitted from around the world. Winning entries were selected by a panel of judges led by 6-time winner of the AIPP Professional Nature Photographer of the Year competition, Darren Jew.

The Guru Award, bestowed on the photographer who submitted at least 5 images, and had the best collection, went to Chelsea Haebich. An accompanying Q&A session is included with the 5 Guru images on display below. 'I am still a few inches off the ground. I genuinely did not think I was in for a chance as I watched all the other amazing shots winning categories!' exclaimed Haebich. 'Winning this award might make me stop doubting myself and have a bit more faith in my abilities. Something I struggle with for sure.'

'Moving forward I hope it can put my work out there further and bring people and connections into my life that will help me grow as a photographer and further share this astounding world with more people,' Haebich continued. 'I love seeing people’s curiosity and hearing their questions about the Underwater World. If winning lets me share that more, grow more and impact more people then that would be wonderful and very fulfilling.'

The next Underwater Tour and photography competition is set to commence May 13th, 2021.