Eric Wolfinger is a traveling food photographer who spent six years cooking and baking professionally before working behind the lens. An immersive photographer known for weaving practical instruction with powerful storytelling, the cookbooks he shoots go on to become the classics of their category. His first project, 'Tartine Bread,' was nominated for a James Beard Award and is now in its ninth printing. Twelve books later he is still hungry and on the move.

Recent Videos

In this presentation from PIX 2015, Eric takes us on a journey that includes baking bread in San Francisco, scuba diving in Korea to photograph fishermen, and details the challenges of photographing an entire book within the confines of a restaurant kitchen in Manhattan. He also reminds us that no job is too small in pursuit of your dreams.

If you're feeling hungry and want to see more mouthwatering food photos, visit Eric's website for a visual feast.