Friday Feature: Framing, timing bring juxtaposed beach scenes to life
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Friday Feature: Framing, timing bring juxtaposed beach scenes to life

Three Men © Moises Levy

Framing and composition are two of the most basic tools in every photographers arsenal, but they can also be some of the most powerful.

In his recent of photographs, Mexico City photographer Moises Levy shows how simple black and white photographs on the beach can be turned into wonderfully juxtaposed images with the help of perfect timing, great composition, and clever framing.

In speaking with DPReview about the ongoing series, Levy said "Human condition is the main subject of my photography. I use several resources to express my ideas in photography like perspective and scale. My images are intimate too — I believe being close to my subject helps me to create powerful images."

Levy says he works with only one camera and one lens at a time — either his Leica or Fujifilm with a 28mm r 35mm lens.

"I prefer to create anonymous subjects and for that I like to work with backlight to create high contrast black and white images in a more graphic sense," Levy tells DPReview. "I also like to shoot very minimal and clean images and for that I use very low angles in places with almost no distractions, like beaches and open spaces."

You can keep up with Levy's work by checking out his website or following him on Instagram, Flickr, and Facebook.

Photographs by Moises Levy, used with permission.