There's no denying it: Oregon is an incredibly beautiful place. So Portland resident Sam Forencich's challenge isn't finding amazing scenes to photograph – it's finding a fresh way to do it. Experimenting with new approaches and different techniques led the veteran photojournalist and landscape photographer to infrared. He tells Resource Travel

'The exciting thing about infrared is that there is no standard for what it’s supposed to look like. This grants you a wide latitude to interpret the look, and there are many directions you can go in.'

And that's how a time-lapse was born: his recent work, Invisible Oregon, was recorded entirely with converted infrared cameras. It brings an otherworldly and eerie quality to some of the state's familiar scenery. Check out the video below and head to Resource Travel for a full interview with Forencich, which includes a discussion of his well-known image of Dennis Rodman, named by Sports Illustrated one of the 100 best photos of all time.

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