2019 World Press Photo of the Year Nominees
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2019 World Press Photo of the Year Nominees

Editors note: There are images in the above gallery that are considered graphic and explicit in nature. Keep this in mind while looking through the gallery.

World Press Photo has announced the nominees for its 2019 Photo Contest. The contest, which is in its 62nd year, celebrates the work of photojournalists around the world who have captured profound images that depict defining moments throughout the year.

78,801 photographs from 4,738 photographers were considered and the 43 nominees hail from 25 countries around the world.

The nominated photos fall under two headline awards: 'World Press Photo of the Year' and 'World Press Photo Story of the Year,' the latter of which showcases a series of images from a particular assignment or project from photojournalists around the world. There are eight additional categories, each of which has its own set of nominees: Contemporary Issues, Environment, General News, Long Term Projects, Nature, Portraits, Sports and Spot News. Each of these categories have the sub-categories of single picture entries and story entires with the exception of Long Term Projects, which is a series.

We've rounded up the single picture nominees for each category in the gallery above. Along with the image will be a caption and accompanying backstory provided by the photographers and edited for clarity and brevity by World Press Photo.

The winning photos and stories will be announced at the World Press Photo Award Show on April 11th in Amsterdam. All winners are chosen from an independent jury from a wide range of photo backgrounds.