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Halide update adds Apple Watch support, self-timer and more

The updated Halide app allows for control of some camera functions from your Apple Watch.

Photography is helping this 4 year old with autism engage with his world

4-year-old Max was diagnosed with high-functioning autism last year, and photography has been one of the most impactful interventions since his diagnosis. "When Max has the camera in his hand, he has an air of confidence around him," says his mother.

Instagram currently testing slow-motion video and mute features

A curious computer science student discovered these as-yet unreleased features by digging into the code of the Instagram Android app.

Record label insults photographer after using her photo without permission

After asking nicely that her stolen photos be taken down, concert photographer Adrienne Row-Smith received a nasty response from the offending record label, who called her request (among other things) rude and pathetic.

RIP: Magnum Photographer Abbas, 1944-2018

“He was a pillar of Magnum, a godfather for a generation of younger photojournalists. An Iranian transplanted to Paris, he was a citizen of the world he relentlessly documented; its wars, its disasters, its revolutions and upheavals, and its beliefs – all his life. It is with immense sadness that we lose him."

How an astrophysicist figured out when and where Ansel Adams took this shot

Find out how astrophysicis Donald Olson used a combination of topographic maps, astronomical software, and webcam archives to figure out exactly when and where Ansel Adams snapped two of his iconic photographs from Alaska.

Xiaomi unveils Mi 6X with dual-camera and AI-powered scene detection

Xiaomi claims its latest smartphone, the Mi 6X, competes with rivals such as the iPhone X or OPPO R15 in the camera department. Yet it costs just 1,600 Yuan (approximately $250 USD).

Nikon prepares investors as $94M wiped off value of its measuring business

Nikon Corporation has warned investors that an assessment of its Belgium-based metrology business based is worth much less than expected, and that they should brace themselves for an 'extraordinary loss' of 10,343 million yen.

Meizu unveils the 15 Plus smartphone with stabilized tele-camera

Chinese smartphone manufacturer Meizu has launched a new high-end model, the Meizu 15 Plus. And based on specs alone, the phone is well-worth a closer look for mobile photographers who are open to buying from a less established brand.

Huawei P20 Pro vs Canon 5DS R

Photographer Jolyon Ralph pit the new Huawei P20 Pro against his beloved Canon 5DS R, and was "somewhat stunned" by how well the 40MP smartphone performed against the 50MP DSLR.

Free Insta360 Pro extension allows 'no-stitch' editing in Adobe Premiere Pro

Thanks to a low-res proxy version of the Insta360 Pro 8K footage, stitching times and computer processing requirements are reduced significantly when editing 360° footage from the six-lens system.

Sony's updated 3D Creator app can use your smartphone's front camera to scan your face

The update also comes with "post-scan cloud processing," which allows you to render 3D models with 4K resolution textures for better detail and realism.

Viral KFC ad campaign turns fried chicken into flames with Photoshop

For KFC Hong Kong’s latest ad campaign, New York City-based advertising agency Ogilvy and Mather used Photoshop to magically morph pieces of flaky fried chicken into fire and smoke in various scenes.

Oppo and Corephotonics sign strategic agreement around dual-cameras

Under the agreement, the two companies will work together to develop Oppo's smartphone camera roadmap, covering optical zoom, depth mapping and other innovative imaging features that dual cameras allow.

Canon shows off its latest CMOS sensor tech in new promo video

Canon USA has released a promotional video showcasing its latest CMOS sensor technology. Albeit over daraticized, it’s an interesting overlook at the work it’s continually putting into its camera systems.

A detailed breakdown of all the memory card options for photographers

Lensrentals put together a very useful overview of all the memory card options out there for photographers and videographers. It covers speed ratings, card formats, and explains everything you need to know to pick the right card for the job at hand.

You will soon be able to download your entire photo archive from Instagram

Instagram will soon allow users to download their content from within the app. Gone are the days of using third-party apps and services to get the job done.

Google lens can now identify pet breeds, create pet photo books and compile pet movies

Google Photos boasts a number of new Google Lens AI powered features that will be particularly useful to pet owners.

Tech Insights teardown confirms Galaxy S9 uses Samsung and Sony image sensors

For some reason, Samsung isn't exclusively using its own image sensors in the Galaxy S9 smartphone. Depending on where you buy the Galaxy S9, your device will either ship with a Samsung S5K2L3 or Sony IMX345 image sensor.

Inside the safety issues surrounding last month's helicopter crash

WIRED examines what exactly happened last month, when a helicopter chartered by FlyNYON for a doors-off aerial photography tour of New York crashed into the East River, killing five passengers.

CorePhotonics white paper explains the pros and cons of the triple-camera

Gil Abraham, Director Product Management at Corephotonics, has taken the Huawei P20 Pro launch as an opportunity to author a white paper titled "Triple cameras: Are three better than two?"

Snapchat launches more realistic AR face masks for iPhone X users

The latest update to the Snapchat app uses the iPhone X's TrueDepth camera to create more realistic augmented reality face masks—improving one of the app's most popular features.

How videographers can avoid data catastrophes

Lensrentals' Ryan Hill shares a few very important tips you should heed before, during, and after your video shoot to ensure you never lose footage to data corruption or user error.

Bellus3D uses the iPhone X's TrueDepth camera to 3D scan your face

A US startup is the first company to use the iPhone X's front-facing TrueDepth camera for 3D face scanning. The app they've created captures more than 250,000 3D data points on a face in 10 seconds while the user slowly turns their head in front of the camera

Facebook Messenger adds 360-degree photo and HD video support

Facebook has added support for 360° panoramic photos and 720p HD video to Facebook Messenger. This follows last November's update, which doubled the resolution of photos shared through the messaging app.

MIOPS Splash: The world's first smartphone-controlled water drop photography kit

The MIOPS Splash kit doesn't just control your flash and/or camera, it also lets you dial in the timing and size of your water drop. It basically takes all of the guess-work and trial-and-error out of water drop photography.

Snapchat's first TV commercial calls the app 'a new kind of camera'

Photo messaging app Snapchat has produced its first TV commercial, which hopes to educate older folk about what Snapchat is. And what it is, apparently, is "a new kind of camera."

How a Photographer Got a Rare Shot of James Mattis

Defense Secretary James Mattis declined to sit for a portrait for the latest New York Times Magazine cover, so photographer Mark Peterson explains how he managed to shoot the cover during Mattis' very limited public appearances.

DJI launches Zenmuse XT2 4K visual and thermal camera for enterprise drones

The Zenmuse XT2 features a 12MP 4K visual camera with a 1/1.7" CMOS sensor, and two different thermal resolutions: 336 x 256 and 640 x 512. It also sports 9mm, 13mm, 19mm, and 25mm lenses, and an IP44 rating for flights in fog, rain, snow, and smoke.

Google created this rotating 16-GoPro arc to capture light field data for VR

Google has built a fascinating rotating light field VR camera rig using 16 GoPros mounted in an arc. The rig is meant to give viewers "a more realistic sense of presence” within a VR world.

Total: 748, showing: 31 – 60
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