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Cravar unveils new Rana Series of leather messenger bags for photographers

Photographers who love toting their gear around in style may want to check out the new Rana Series of leather messenger bags from Cravar.

The story behind the most haunting photos from the Las Vegas shooting

"I could see people covered in blood and I thought, 'Oh my gosh, this is real.'” Photojournalist David Becker shares his story of capturing the horrifying scene in Las Vegas as it unfolded the night of October 1st.

Panasonic firmware debugs GH4, improves stabilization on 42.5mm and 30mm lenses

Overshadowed by the huge Firmware 2.0 release for the Panasonic GH5, the GH4 and two Panasonic lenses also got a firmware update last week, helping to improve image stabilization performance.

Free advanced astrophotography shutter time calculator

Astrophotographer Ian Norman of Lonely Speck has put together an extremely useful and advanced astrophotography shutter time calculator that goes way beyond the "500 Rule." This is a Must Bookmark!

How I almost lost a Nikon D850 to an eBay scam

If you're selling high-priced camera gear on eBay, watch out for this incredibly sneaky scam that's being used to fool people into parting with their equipment for free.

Check out the winners of Scuba Diving Magazine's 2017 underwater photo contest

Scuba Diving Magazine has unveiled the winners of its 2017 underwater photo competition, and this year's best entries are just plain stunning.

In her own words, photographing the Vietnam War

Photographer Catherine Leroy was only 21 when she arrived in Vietnam in 1966 with her Leica M2 in tow. But over the next three years, she built an incredible body of work covering the war.

Snapchat 'sky filters' use augmented reality to replace the sky with stars, sunsets and more

Snapchat is using its augmented reality tech to replace the sky in your photos. The so-called 'sky filters' can swap out a boring sky for a colorful sunset, rainbows, a starry night, and more.

Synology launches its first 6-bay NAS tower, updates more affordable options

Storage solutions company Synology has just released its very first 6-bay NAS tower. Combined with the DX1215 expansion units, it can hold and control up to thirty drives.

iPhone 8 Review: Pushing the limits of photography

TechCrunch has already posted their review of the upcoming iPhone 8 (not yet the iPhone X), and they're calling it "a look into the augmented future of photography."

Why hyperfocal distance charts are inaccurate

"When the first hyperfocal distance charts were designed, someone decided that an acceptably sharp background contained some blur — enough to notice in a medium-sized print [...] After that point, nearly every other hyperfocal chart followed suit."

Kodak PixPro Orbit360 4K VR camera now on sale in the US

The rugged, compact 360° action camera Kodak unveiled at Photokina in 2016, the Kodak PixPro Orbit 360, is finally available in the United States.

The photography of Stanley Kubrick as a teenager

Before he became the iconic director whose name we've all heard, a teenage Stanley Kubrick struck up a business relationship with New York’s Look magazine. No surprise: he was an incredibly talented photographer.

Western Digital's new 12TB hard drive offers lots of storage and class-leading reliability

Western Digital just debuted a new, higher capacity WD Gold internal hard drive. The new drive offers 12TB of storage and class-leading reliability to the tune of a 550TB/year workload rating.

I shot a viral Hurricane Irma photo, and I didn't make a dime

Photography enthusiast Michael Sechler recently shot a Hurricane Irma photo that went viral and was used by media all over the world… so why didn't he make dime for his work?

Nissin announces Super Light Stand LC-50c: The world’s lightest light stand

Nissin claims the new Super Light Stand LS-50C is the lightest light stand in the world. Weighing in at just 575g/1.2lbs, it can still hold up to 1.5kg/3.3lb.

Lastolite unveils two new 'stone effect' panoramic backgrounds for portrait photographers

The new seamless Granite and Limestone backgrounds join Lastolite's nascent panoramic background range, measuring in at 4m wide.

SLR Magic announces CINE 18mm F2.8 lens for Sony E-Mount

SLR Magic's latest lens for Sony E-Mount cameras looks like a good option for landscape and architectural photographers, as well as video-shooters.

An open letter to Canon: What happened to your innovation?

"Dear Canon [...] since the launch of the Canon 5DMK2 way back in March 2008 it has been extremely hard to be genuinely excited about any new cameras you have released."

Kenko Tokina updates 400mm mirror lens with better coatings

A new version of Kenko’s 400mm mirror lens is to be released this month that is said to feature better anti-reflective coatings for improved flare performance.

Sigma can install a rear-mounted filter holder on your Canon 14mm F1.8 Art lens

Sigma users who want a rear filter holder on their Canon mount 14mm f/1.8 Art lens can now pay the company to fit one on there for them.

Video: Man slammed by Hurricane Irma wave while trying to take photos

Taking pictures in a hurricane can be extremely dangerous. If you're not prepared and careful, you could end up like the guy in this video.

Adobe update brings Nikon D850 support to Camera RAW and DNG Converter

Adobe has updated two of its Raw processing modules for use with the Nikon D850 and a range of new Nikon lenses.

The evolution of zoom on smartphone cameras

Corephotonics has published a white paper on "The Evolution of Zoom Camera Technologies in Smartphones", covering early telescopic zooms up to the latest dual-cam systems.

How one photojournalist covered hurricane Harvey

How do cover a tragedy as wide-ranging as the Hurricane Harvey flooding in Houston? Chicago-based photojournalist Alyssa Schukar shares her experience preparing for and shooting Harvey for the NY Times.

A website is selling Instagram users' private contact information

A website is selling Instagram users' private contact information for $10 per search. Worse yet, security experts who analyzed a sample of 10,000 allegedly stolen records say the data is legitimate.

Photographer behind the popular 'distracted boyfriend' meme speaks out

What's it like having your photo go viral, become a meme, and take on a life of its own? Photographer Antonio Guillem, the man who took the 'distracted boyfriend' photo, shares his experience.

Instagram Stories arrive on desktop, will soon support mobile web uploads

Instagram's latest update lets you view its popular Snapchat clone "Stories" on desktop or mobile browsers. And soon you'll be able to upload to Stories from mobile web, too.

Motorola Moto X4 brings a dual-cam with super-wide-angle to the mid-range segment

The Moto X4's dual-camera combines a 12MP main module with an 8MP 120-degree super-wide-angle camera, a similar concept to what we've seen on LG's recent high-end devices.

Why You Shouldn't Submit Your Photographs to Magazines

"While vanity magazines can provide valuable learning experiences for photographers who are set on climbing the ladder, the same skills can be learned by other means and, more often, to better effect."

Total: 610, showing: 31 – 60
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