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Our 2019 resolutions for Sigma:

  • Create a range of compact F2 lenses.
  • Try again with the 24-70mm F2.8 Art.
  • Develop some native Sony FE lenses.
  • Reverse-engineer the Canon RF and Nikon Z mounts
  • Create a range of full-frame Merrill compacts.

How things panned out: 3.5 / 5

Well, either we got unusually good at guessing, or Sigma listened to us (I'll leave you to figure out which is more likely) because of our five resolutions for Sigma in 2019, three of them became reality. This year we saw the porting of Sigma's popular DC DN range of fast prime lenses to Canon's EF-M mount (hey, they're F2.2 equivalent), the release of the distinctive and very compact (albeit not for everybody) 45mm F2.8 for E and L-mount, and the launch of two high-performance 'DN' zoom lenses, also for E and L - one of which sort of counts as a second try at the older 24-70mm F2.8 Art.

The only one of our resolutions which definitely didn't come to pass is reverse-engineering the Nikon Z and Canon RF mounts, which to be fair may be a decision out of Sigma's hands. Meanwhile the full-frame fp earns a 0.5 for being pretty close (in spirit) to a full-frame Merrill, while offering so much more, especially to videographers.