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Our 2019 resolutions for Panasonic:

  • Ditch field-sequential EVFs.
  • Either fix DFD for video, or use PDAF instead.
  • Make a full-frame 4K video camera.

How things panned out: 2/3

With so many announcements in late 2018, it was hard to make too many specific resolutions for Panasonic in 2019, but the company did check off two items from our wishlist: An (apparent) move away from field-sequential and towards OLED electronic finders, and a full-frame 4K video camera, in the shape of the Lumix DC-S1H.

The S1H is an interesting product, coming so quickly after the launch of the S1R and the more video-oriented S1 - itself a hugely capable camera for shooting video, especially with Panasonic's paid DMW-SFU2 update. The S1H can shoot perfectly good still images from its 24MP sensor, but it's really a video-first product, and the first 'consumer' camera to be certified by Netflix for broadcast-quality recording. Impressive stuff.