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Our 2019 resolutions for Leica:

  • Stop with the special editions already!
  • Make a Q2 - maybe even with a 35mm lens...
  • Make an M-mount camera with an EVF.
  • Improve service / repair times.

How things panned out: 1.5/4

Asking Leica to stop making special editions is like asking a Kuh not to muh. This year saw the launch of the 'Safari' edition M10-P, the Lenny Kravitz 'Drifter' edition M Monochrom (with snakeskin finish, no less) three limited edition versions of M-mount lenses, and no fewer than three special edition CLs: 'Bauhaus', 'Urban Jungle' and 'Edition Paul Smith'.

Ouch. It's almost as if Leica wanted to put us in our place.

Meanwhile, although we're still waiting for an M11 with an EVF, Leica did release the Q2, which comes with some really welcome upgrades compared to the original Q. Ditto the SL. The company also claims to be continuing to invest in improving service times, which, because we're feeling generous, we'll say earns them a 0.5.