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Our 2019 resolutions for Canon:

  • Add IBIS to the RF lineup and update your sensors (or buy Sony's).
  • Make the RF mount an open standard.
  • Reclaim your ILC video crown – no more cropped 4K!
  • Dump the M-Fn bar...
  • Make the 5D Mark V a true digital EOS 3.
  • Think different - embrace computational photography.

How things panned out: 2.5/6

Our resolutions for Canon in 2019 were ambitious, and probably for the most part unrealistic. What can I say? We're big picture people.

The RF mount isn't going to be opened up any time soon (why cede those lens sales to third parties when you don't have to?), the EOS 5D Mark IV wasn't really due for an upgrade, and while we know that IBIS is coming to the EOS R lineup, it didn't happen in 2019.

But Canon did develop a very nice new sensor, in the form of the 32MP APS-C sensor used in the EOS 90D and EOS M6 Mark II. Not only does it offer excellent resolution and good dynamic range, it also works with an updated processor to allow for un-cropped 4K video. There are rumors starting to float around of an upscaled version of this sensor coming in the RF line possibly next year, so we'll see. Canon also (sort of) dumped the M-Fn bar, omitting it from the EOS RP.

It remains to be seen whether the controversial control will be re-introduced in a future R-series model but we won't be sad if it isn't. We're not against the concept of a touch-sensitive control of this kind, we just want one that works.