Your imagined dream cameras
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Your imagined dream cameras

We made a mistake. We underestimated you.

A few weeks ago, we asked you to tell us what camera you wished you could always have had and why. We expected y'all to tell us about your favorite cameras that you owned or wished you could have owned – and enough of you did for us to populate our Part One with your choices – but like a true go-getter facing a carefully laid out plan with hours of research and planning across dozens and dozens of stakeholders against monumental odds, the rest of you Leeroy Jenkins'd* this thang!

Hundreds of you cosplayed as Dr. Frankenstein to conjure all manner of plausible and implausible cameras. In the following pages we take a look at some of the themes DPReview readers coalesced around. And folks, some of them are a little out there!

Who knew DPReview was full of such dreamers.

*For the record, Leeroy Jenkins was a skit.