Ricoh / Pentax
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Ricoh / Pentax

Pentax, we need to be careful what we say here...

We admire your loyal customer base, and we respect the way that many of them react to anything short of uncritically gushing praise for their favorite camera maker with... let's say... passion. But we're also terrified of them. For the record, we like a lot of your products! And we want you to succeed just as much as your customers do. Here are some suggestions.

Ricoh - in 2019 we wish you would

  • Make a true successor to the K-1.
  • Reissue the K-01 - just kidding! Give your fans a proper mirrorless camera - maybe the L-mount alliance has room for another member?
  • Make a full-frame GR to compete with the Leica Q and Sony RX1R II.