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Fujifilm, you're the darling of camera reviewers everywhere. You're one of the few brands that, from time to time, still makes products which are better than they need to be in order to be competitive. The X-T2 was a great camera, and you didn't need to replace it, but you went and did it anyway! The X-T3 was one of our favorite cameras of 2018. It almost made up for the '4K capable' X-A5... But we're still hoping for more in 2019.

Fujifilm - in 2019 we wish you would...

  • Make a full-frame X100 / monochrome X100 / 28mm-equiv X100. (We really like the X100).
  • Continue improving your face and eye-detection autofocus. The X-T3 was a great start.
  • Make a proper X70 successor. The XF10 doesn't count.
  • Refresh your F1.4 primes.
  • Don't try to palm us off with 15fps '4K video' ever again. For shame.