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Oh, Canon - where should we start? You're one of the biggest camera manufacturers in the industry, but you're still among the most conservative. This year you've teased us with a range of superb new RF lenses, but we're really hoping that 2019 brings a slightly higher-end camera to shoot them with. But even as you build out the RF lineup, we hope you don't neglect EF-M. An M50 successor with un-cropped 4K would be lovely - pretty please?

Canon - in 2019 we wish you would...

  • Add IBIS to the RF lineup and update your sensors (or buy Sony's).
  • Make the RF mount an open standard.
  • Reclaim your ILC video crown – no more cropped 4K!
  • Dump the MFn bar...
  • Make the 5D Mark V a true digital EOS 3.
  • Think different - embrace computational photography.