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Oh, Sony, we can't keep up! At your current rate of product announcements, you'll have released at least one new RX100-series compact, a GM lens or two and an a7 IV by the time we've finished writing this sentence. That's fine, but in 2019 we'd like to see you taking a bit of a break, making some time to reflect, and maybe reprioritizing a little.

Sony - in 2019 we wish you would...

  • Create a Cyber-shot RX1R III (with a real battery, not that joke-shop one from last time).
  • Throw your a6000-series customers a bone and make some new APS-C lenses.
  • Make your video and stills AF experience consistent.
  • Speaking of 35mm, make an FE 35mm F1.8. Your non-pro and pro customers will thank you.
  • Focus on user experience, as well as technology. We get it, you're smart!