Commercial Photographer and camera blogger Ming Thein has shot with almost as many mirrorless cameras as we have, and has put together a list of all the things they get wrong or, at least, all the things he thinks they should all do. It's a fairly comprehensive list including some things that we feel all cameras should offer - not just mirrorless. Thein echoes a lot of our own concerns about camera handling, behavior and operation, as he works through camera design point-by-point.

His list ranges from a call for single-button zoom in playback to advice on Auto ISO behavior and, having regularly made similar requests and criticisms, it's good to see we're not alone in our expectations (though obviously we wouldn't expect all of them to be implemented all the way across any given model range).

In particular, we wholeheartedly endorse the call for direct focus point selection (we think the Leica SL's joystick is essentially perfect), intelligent Auto ISO system with focal-length-related thresholds and proper tools for expose-to-the-right metering. Like many of the points in Thein's list, all of these offer significant improvements to usability and the images you can shoot.

The thing that jumped out most, when it comes to mirrorless cameras, is the call for for longer battery life. All too often, we think it's being sacrificed for relatively insignificant reductions in body size. However, getting this to change will require either a leap forward in battery technology or a fundamental re-think by the manufacturers, which makes this more than just a checklist for developing firmware. 

Still, we think Thein's blog post is well worth a read.