When news broke that DPReview was spared the rubbish bin of internet history, we were to say the least, elated. Amongst the team we shared memories of the journey we had just taken, exhaled, and promptly rolled our sleeves up with a renewed joy and ambition for the opportunities that lay before us. Two people not in the room were our former colleagues Chris Niccolls and Jordan Drake and they also wanted to help share the news and celebrate with us.

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Last week Chris and Jordan invited DPReview's Richard Butler to be a guest on their new podcast with PetaPixel. The trio dove into memories of working together, their reactions to the news, and most of all pulled back the curtain on what really happened with Amazon, DPReview, and Gear Patrol behind the scenes. You can see their entire conversation below.

Hi friends.

And while Chris and Jordan were interviewing Richard, we also took this opportunity to throw some questions toward Jordan about his experience from both inside and outside of the DPReview closure news.

We weren't able to get Chris on the horn, he was a little too busy at the time. We're not sure what he was doing but heard rumblings about stone fly season and no time to get away from the cast. So, Broadway?

What was your initial reaction when you heard DPReview wasn't closing?

Jordan Drake: I was delighted. First for my friends and former coworkers who would remain employed, but also that the incredible wealth of knowledge stored in the site would be preserved. Finally and selfishly, it was nice to hear that all our DPReview TV episodes weren't being tossed in a cyberdumpster.

Is there anything you want the community to know about DPReview and your time with us?

JD: Everyone's priority is giving objective, accurate information. Certainly mistakes were made over the years, but if you look at DPReview's record for delivering accurate information for hundreds and hundreds of products, their hit rate is staggeringly good. It gave Chris and I a lot to live up to when we were producing DPReview TV, but I learned an incredible amount. Also, everyone is nice.

Speaking of DPRTV, how relieved are you to know the archive, videos, databases and forums are all intact and saved?

JD: I'm thrilled! The site is an unparalleled resource, and losing it would have made it much more difficult for photographers and myself to get accurate information about products, and the technical articles are still something I'll look back at to make sure I'm looking at things in the right way. When I was a young, grossly under qualified camera salesman in my early 20s, DPReview was by far the most valuable resource helping me figure out the new world of digital photography. I owe my passion and career to the people who worked on that site, and it's important to me that future enthusiasts will have access to the mountains of information DPReview provides. Also, there's some DPReview TV episodes I'm very proud of, and I'm glad they will still be informing and entertaining visitors in the future.

Do you have a favorite DPRTV video?

JD: There are some series that I love every episode of, like the annual drinking games, stop motion animated videos, and Wooden Niccolls movie scene recreations. I'd have to say my favourite episode was actually our final one, the Nikkor 58mm F0.95 Noct review. We could have just made a bunch of bad Noct jokes, or review the lens technically, or give the lens to a talented photographer to see what was possible with it. What I'm most proud of is that we did all of it, that we did all three, and fit it into a vaguely reasonable run time.

It may be hard to choose, but do any favorite DPReview memories stand out above the rest for you?

JD: Every single time we went on a press trip with a member of the editorial team was fantastic. While we had daily video calls and messages, we didn't get to see the team in person that frequently. Yet every time we were able to work together at the same place, it just drove me to do even better work, and have a blast at the same time.

I think I hear Chris screaming about fish, so maybe time to wrap up. Jordan, take the last word.

JD: There are no hard feelings about how things have resolved. I'm delighted that DPReview will continue to produce their great content, and that PetaPixel is enabling Chris and I to continue to make our YouTube show. While the uncertainty was certainly hard on us and our former coworkers, everyone now has the opportunity to keep doing what we're good at. So check out the great articles and videos that will continue to come from DPReview, and hopefully you'll come see the videos and articles we've got brewing over at PetaPixel. It was an amazing half decade, thank you everyone.