On December 12, Eastman Kodak announced that it is ending Kodakit, its service for connecting photographers with new gigs. In the announcement posted on the Kodakit website, Kodak says that it will wrap up the service's operations by the end of January 2020. The company will terminate its Photographer Agreement effective after January 31, but it will continue to make outstanding payments as established by the agreement.

A notice about the end of operations appears on the Kodakit website when photographers attempt to sign up for the service. The same notice isn't live on the Kodakit main page nor does it appear to have been announced on any of the service's social media pages. The company doesn't explain why it has decided to end the service, though heavy criticism from photographers may play a role.

The notice warns photographers that they will need to stop using any mention of Kodakit as part of their services after January 2020 and that they must continue to honor any confidentiality agreements. As well, photographers are told to deliver any outstanding work they have through Kodakit.