Sigma has released a major 2.0 firmware update for its fp camera that adds, amongst numerous other new features, the ability to record Apple ProRes Raw over HDMI when paired with an Atomos Ninja V monitor/recorder and Blackmagic Raw over HDMI with a Blackmagic Video Assist 12G.

When paired with an Atomos Ninja V updated with the latest firmware, the fp is able to record Apple ProRes RAW at up to DCI 4Kp24 or UHD 4Kp30 directly from the camera’s full-frame sensor. Additionally, this update will make the fp the first mirrorless camera in the world capable of recording Raw Full HD (1080p) video at 120 fps. Sigma doesn’t specify the exact framerates or resolutions that are possible when capturing Blackmagic Raw on Blackmagic’s Video Assist 12G recorder, but like the Atomos, it will require a firmware update.

Other new and improved features include cinemagraph creation and playblack, CinemaDNG footage playback, still capture during live view and movie shooting, still image capture from recorded footage, support for camera movement control with Zhiyun’s Weebill S gimbal and camera control support while in USB mode. Sigma also says the update adds ‘HDR in movie shooting,’ but it doesn’t divulge any specifications. We have contacted Sigma to request additional information on this front.

Sigma has also updated and improved upon existing functionality, including explicit stating of dual base ISOs (100 and 3200), improved autofocus performance, improved exposure metering accuracy and support for multiple CinemaDNG capture modes. An issue where flickering could appear in dark footage has also been corrected in the firmware update.

You can download firmware version 2.0 (previously version 1.02) from the Sigma fp support page.

Press release:

SIGMA Releases Major Update for SIGMA fp: Firmware Ver. 2.00

Expanded functionality for SIGMA’s full-frame mirrorless digital camera includes cinemagraph creation and playback, CinemaDNG footage playback, improved autofocus and more

Ronkonkoma, NY - June 25, 2020 - Sigma Corporation of America, a leading camera, photography lens, cine lens, flash and accessories manufacturer, today announced that SIGMA fpfirmware ver. 2.00, the first major update that widely expands the functionality of the camera, is now available to SIGMA fp users on the SIGMA Global Site. Download SIGMA fp Version 2.0 here.

WATCH NOW: Sin-Sin, the latest SIGMA film shot with SIGMA fp

New Functions and Capabilities in SIGMA fp Firmware Ver. 2.00:

  • Cinemagraph creation and playback
  • CinemaDNG footage playback
  • Still capture during live view and movie shooting in Cine mode
  • Still image capture from movie files (CinemaDNG, MOV) shot with the SIGMA fp
  • HDR in movie shooting
  • Still and movie shooting in Director's Viewfinder mode
  • Supports DCI 4K 12bit / HDMI Raw output
  • Supports RAW over HDMI recording with Atomos Ninja V monitor-recorder*

*A free AtomOS firmware update for Ninja V is required

  • Supports recording Blackmagic RAW codec over HDMI with Blackmagic Video Assist 12G models*

*Requires firmware update of Video Assist 12G models using Video Assist Update 3.3.

  • Camera movement control is compatible with ZHIYUN Weebill S gimbal*

*Firmware update of the corresponding device is required. Please refer to ZHIYUN firmware release information about functions supported. Since not all functions will be supported in this firmware update, both SIGMA and ZHIYUN will need to continue working on this to make more and more functions to be compatible in future firmware updates

  • Instruction message explaining error appears when attempting to use greyed-out items in SHOOT menu
  • Supports camera control in USB mode*

*The SDK (Software Development Kit) for controlling the camera is scheduled to be available by early July

Function Updates and Enhancements In fp Ver. 2.00:

  • Supports Dual Base ISO (ISO100 and 3200)
  • Improved AF performance
  • Improved accuracy with evaluative exposure metering
  • Improved image quality
  • Supports CinemaDNG 25 and 29.97 fps (UHD 12bit) shooting
  • Supports CinemaDNG 100 fps (FHD 12bit) shooting
  • Supports CinemaDNG 100 and 119.88 fps (FHD 8bit and 10bit) shooting
  • “OFF” option now available in Color mode
  • Exposure adjustment now available in QS (Quick Set) Menu
  • Tone control setting now available during movie shooting
  • Supports USB Video Class (UVC) setting adjustments while the fp is connected to USB
  • Supports time code generation
  • Compatible with BWF format
  • Supports file size changes at aspect ratio 7:6
  • Optional shutter sound effect

Bug Corrections in fp Ver. 2.00:

  • Flickering phenomenon in dark video footage has been corrected

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