Athentech, the company behind the Perfectly Clear image optimization algorithm, which is used by printing services and deployed in Bibble and Corel´s PaintShop Pro among other applications, has been acquired by Canadian company EyeQ. The new owners say they will maintain all of Athentech’s current business and will continue to offer the Perfectly Clear technology. They are also planning to invest in areas such as artificial intelligence and innovative workflow solutions.

'Athentech was built by a team of leading scientists, physicists, and photographers on a mission to make every photo as brilliant, vibrant, and clear as possible, just like our human eye captured, all while maintaining color integrity. Our acquisition is an exciting inflection point that adds more financial muscle and expertise to allow us to upscale this 15-year mission and reach more companies worldwide,' said Brad Malcolm, President and CEO, EyeQ.

As the first post-acquisition move the company has announced a new Web API which offers cloud-based access to the same technologies available in the latest SDK, without a need for any integration. The solution is aimed at business users who can send original JPG files and receive corrected image pretty much immediately.

EyeQ is a venture-capital backed company and on its website describes itself as 'an innovative digital imaging company focused on evolving the way businesses correct and process batch imagery.'