Atomos has been on a roll this past week with the introduction of three new video products ahead of NAB 2019: the Shinobi SDI, Shogun 7 and AtomX SDI module. Below we've summarized the news of each product.

Shinobi SDI

The Atomos Shinobi SDI is a new, super-lightweight 5-inch 4K HDR monitor that offers HD-SDI and 4K HDMI connectivity. The monitor features a compact, durable frame that offers a 1000nit display with a pixel density of 427 pixels-per-inch (PPI) behind an anti-reflection, anti-fingerprint screen. The monitor comes factory calibrated with the option to calibrate the screen on-demand.

Atomos says this monitor was built as a means of addressing one of its customers most-demanded products, a stand-alone SDI monitor. The monitor operates on AtomOS 10 and offers a number of features, including focus peaking, 4:1 / 2:1 / 1:1 zoom, customizable zebras, false color, frame guides, broadcast markers and a suite of scope options that include waveform, RGB parade, vector scope and audio level meters.

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The Shinobi SDI weighs in at 226g / 7.8oz and is available for pre-order at B&H for $499 USD and is expected to ship at the end of April 2019.

Shogun 7

Also new is the Atomos Shogun 7, a new seven-inch HDR monitor, recorder and switcher. The 1,500nit daylight-viewable display features a new 1920 by 1200 panel with a 1,000,000:1 contrast ratio and 15+ stops of dynamic range.

Atomos says the 'screen uses a unique combination of advanced LED and LCD technologies which together offer deeper, better blacks than rival OLED screens, but with the much higher brightness and vivid color performance of top-end LCDs.'

A new 360 zone backlight inside the Shogun 7 is controlled by the Dynamic AtomHDR engine that enables the panel to show ultra-wide color with 105% of the DCI-P3 colorspace covered. Atomos has also teamed up with Dolby to create Dolby Vision HDR 'live,' which makes it possible to capture HDR footage on the Shogun 7 and display it on an HDR-capable TV or monitor over HDMI.

On the recording front, the Shogun 7 can record video up to 5.7K / 80p, 4K / 120p or 2K / 240p in RAW/Log or HLG/PQ over SDI/HDMI. Video is stored directly to an AtomX SSDmini or comparable SATA SSD drives. Recording options include Apple ProRes RAW and ProRes, Avid DNx and Adobe CinemaDNG RAW codecs.

The Shogun 7 can also be used with an optional balanced XLR breakout cable that can record up to 12 channels of 24/96 digital audio from HDMI or SDI connections. Monitoring of the audio can be done using the onboard 3.5mm headphone jack.

The Shogun 7 is available for pre-order at B&H for $1,499 USD and is expected to ship June 2019.

AtomX SDI module for Ninja V

The third and final product Atomos has announced is the AtomX SDI module for Ninja V. As its name suggests, this add-on module adds the ability to record and output video over 12G-SDI at up to 4K / 60p.

Atomos says it's been one of the most-requested products from video professionals around the globe. The module is approximately the size of an NP-type battery and attaches to the rear of the Nija V via the modular expansion port. It adds two user-configurable 12G-SDI connections and full-sized 75 Ohm BNC connectors.

Apple ProRes and Avid DNx file formats are used when recording over single or dual-link SDI uses, and shooting is supported in Log, HLG and Rec.709 gammas.

The AtomX SDI module is available for pre-order at B&H for $199 and is expected to ship in May 2019.

For more information on all these products and more, head over to Atomos' website.