Sony Nordic, in an email that appears to have been sent out too soon, has confirmed Sony is bringing S-Cinetone to the Sony a7S III in a version 2.00 firmware update.

According to the email, which Sony Alpha Rumors is reporting as having been accidentally sent out early to newsletter subscribers, Sony Nordic says the a7S III will receive the S-Cinetone picture profile first seen in its FX9 Cinema Line camera, as well as the ability to use Steady Shot during recording with S&Q frame rate.

A gradient graph from Sony showing where S-Cinetone falls between STD5 (R709) and s709 in terms of tones.

S-Cinetone is a cinema-inspired color profile from Sony that can be used as a monitoring look or baked directly into the video footage for simplifying post-production if you like what the look has to offer. In this white paper, Sony describes the S-Cinetone color profile, saying:

‘The base curve of S-Cinetone is BT.709, but it adopted some essences of film-tone. It has high contrast tone in the low luminance levels and low contrast tone in the high luminance levels. The black level is lower than s709 and STD5 (R709).’

There’s no information in the email as to when we’ll get the update, but we’ve contacted Sony for more information and will update this article when we receive a response.