Nokia's Camera Beta for Windows Phone is arguably one of the best camera apps for enthusiast users. It combines comprehensive manual control with an excellent user interface. We look forward to using it each time we get to review a Nokia Lumia device. 

Now Nokia has released an update that makes the app even better. It now supports Living Images, which is an update to Nokia's Cinemagraph "software lens." Continuous autofocus and surround sound capture are also new in this latest version. Unfortunately these new features are only supported by the very latest generation of Nokia smartphones, the Lumia 930, Icon and 1520. 

But older Lumia devices benefit from the update, too. There is an updated Camera Roll that includes full resolution zoom and inline video playback that comes with integrated Creative Studio and Video Trimmer functionality. The latest version of Nokia Camera Beta can be downloaded from the Windows Phone link below.

Source: Windows Phone | Via: GSM Arena