SmugMug Films has released 'Framing the Journey,' a short film that follows photographer Karen Hutton around the landscapes and cityscapes of Slovenia.

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The seven minute film, which was made in partnership with Fujifilm, 'unveils both the epic beauty of a charming country tucked between Italy and Croatia and the wonder of the artist experiencing it all for the first time.'

Hutton, whose past careers have included acting, singing, voiceover work, figure skating and horseback riding, says her 'photography is about a philosophy [...] It’s about the world, about life, and all the possibilities that exist in between.'

The short film does a great job highlighting the fantastic work of Hutton and showcasing the seemingly endless beauty across Slovenia. Sure it's effectively a glorified ad for both SmugMug and Fujifilm (as well as DJI whose Mavic Pro 2 drone was used to capture much of the 4K footage), but that doesn't take away from the inspiring and informative narration provided by Hutton nor the stunning scenery.

To see more work from Karen Hutton, visit her website. To see other SmugMug Films, head to the SmugMug Films' YouTube Channel.