Camera51 is an unusual camera app in that it not only calculates the right exposure and sets the white balance for you, but goes a step further and also makes a suggestion about how you should frame your shot. Since its initial launch last year for the Android operating system the app has become very popular with more than 1 million installations. So it only makes sense that its makers have now introduced a version for Apple's iOS devices.

Both versions work in the same way. Objects in a scene are are identified automatically and the app then suggests an optimized framing option based on traditional composition rules, such as the “Rule of Thirds”. If you prefer at least some manual input you can select up to three objects in the scene by tapping on them. The app then sets focus and exposure and suggests a composition based on those objects. For the latter, a 'composition target' and an iPhone icon appear on the screen. As soon as you align the two an image is captured.

The makers of the app recommend at least an iPhone 5 or iPad 3 to run Camera51 app as the composition algorithms require higher levels of computing power than older models can provide. If you are the owner of a newer iOS device you can download and install Camera51 from the Apple App Store now.