A couple days ago DJI introduced a pair of new drones with some very impressive specifications, especially when it comes to video. One could even argue that DJI just leapfrogged traditional camera manufacturers when it comes to video capabilities, and impressively so.

To highlight the potential of the new Inspire 2 drone, DJI worked with cinematographer Claudio Miranda, ASC (Life of Pi) to produce a 13-minute short film called The Circle, shot entirely on the Inspire 2. It’s an impressive piece of work and gives you a sense of what the new drone and camera are capable of.

If you want to learn more, Dan Chung over at NewsShooter has published a short article exploring the implications of these new drones and cameras, including some behind-the-scenes videos from the filming of The Circle. There's also a video with the colorist who graded the film from Raw footage shot on the Inspire 2. If you’re interested in aerial photography, or even where video technology on small cameras is headed, it’s worth a look.