Microsoft has expanded its Surface product line with the new Surface Hub 2, a sequel to the original Surface Hub introduced in early 2015 (and which you probably never heard of).

The Surface Hub 2 is a large 50.5-inch 4K+ collaborative display with portrait/landscape modes and pen support. Microsoft says Surface Hub 2 was designed for teams "regardless of location," enabling them to video chat, view content, write directly on the screen, and daisy-chain multiple displays together.

Surface Hub 2 brings together Office 365, Microsoft Teams and Whiteboard, and Windows 10. Up to four displays can be used together in either portrait or landscape mode; the user can also toggle between those modes by manually rotating the screen. In addition to wall mounts, Steelcase worked with Microsoft to create rolling stands for Surface Hub 2.

Microsoft confirms that Surface Hub 2 supports multi-touch and features 4K cameras that rotate with the device. Far-field microphone arrays and speakers enable communicating with remote team members, plus there's support for multi-user sign in so that multiple people can be authenticated on the workspace.

The company decided to use an atypical 3:2 aspect ratio versus the more common 16:9; the exact resolution hasn't been stated. Though many details are still missing, it's clear that Surface Hub 2 is designed to help anyone who engages in collaborative—particularly visual—work. Content such as images can be immediately shared with others, for example, without a break in the workflow.

Microsoft plans to start testing Surface Hub 2 with "select commercial customers" some time this year, and the product will go on sale in 2019, though the price hasn't been provided at this time. Interested potential buyers can sign up for updates on Microsoft's Surface Hub 2 website.

Do you see a photography use for the Surface Hub 2? Maybe as an in-studio display for tethered shooting and collaborative photo editing? Maybe something else? Let us know in the comments.