Swedish lighting company Profoto is preparing to file a patent infringement lawsuit against Godox, according to Fotosidan. The complaint targets the newly listed Godox V1, which Profoto alleges is in violation of multiple patents it filed for its own A1 light. The Profoto A1 round head flash was launched in September 2017, a year before Godox introduced its cheaper V1 alternative at Photokina 2018.

The Profoto A1 costs $995 USD; though pricing information for the Godox V1 hasn't been revealed, the product is expected to be cheaper than Profoto's model. The Godox V1 sports a number of similarities with the A1, including a round head design, Fresnel lens, magnetic modifier mount, and LED modelling lights.

Speaking to Fotosidan, Profoto CEO Anders Hedebark said the company spoke with Godox about its V1 light during Photokina 2018, and that it has continued to reach out to Godox in the months since. Profoto has filed seven patents related to its A1, which spent four years in development.

'We spend a lot of time and money on development and will protect our investments,' Hedebark said, also warning that manufacturers and other companies may face lawsuits if they market the Godox V1. 'It feels like we have an obligation to act.'