Last summer, SiOnyx introduced Aurora (our review), a night vision action camera that can capture color images and videos in low light and nearly nighttime settings. Now, the company is back with the Aurora Sport, a successor that features the same 1-inch 0.9MP ultra low-light CMOS sensor and night vision capabilities, all at a smaller price tag than its the original Aurora.

The SiOnyx Aurora Sport HD action camera can ‘turn night into full-color daylight,’ according to the company, using the same semiconductor tech powering its $20 million night vision project with the US Army. The sensor is able to produce full-color images in ‘near moonless starlight’ settings.

Aurora Sport mirrors many of the features offered by the original Aurora, including a 16mm lens with F1.4, F2 and F5.6 apertures, 720p video recording at 8, 15, 24, 30, and 60fps, a micro OLED viewfinder, time-lapse modes ranging from 1/60s to 1s and a microSD slot for storage. The new model is better suited for use as an action camera, however, due to its IP67 water-resistance rating. It also includes built-in WiFi for use with SiOnyx's iOS and Android apps.

The biggest difference between the Aurora and Aurora Sports is the price tag, which has dropped from the original model's hefty $799 USD to a more affordable $399 USD. At this time, Aurora Sport is available to pre-order for $359.99 USD from the SiOnyx website. After the limited-time pre-order price, it's jump back up to the full $399.