Palette, a modular collection of buttons, dials and sliders designed to give photo editing a more tactile experience, has received an update making it compatible with Capture One 11 and 12 on MacOS computers.

The new support, which comes in the form of a software update to the proprietary PaletteApp, gives 'access to hundreds of Capture One function items.' Like their Adobe counterparts, Capture One users can now use the modular sliders, dials and buttons to adjust nearly every detail of an image with a more tactile approach.

On its FAQ page, Palette Gear addresses the lack of Windows support saying, 'Simply put, the macOS release of Capture One offers developer tools that the Windows release does not. Our aim is full Capture One support on both platforms; we don't play favourites. After careful consideration, we made the decision to offer Capture One support for macOS users while continuing to advocate for Windows support.'

Palette Gear also points out that while Palette does has 'limited support' on Capture One 9.3 and 10, it recommends using Capture One 11 or 12 for the best possible experience. Below is a list of Capture One functions Palette includes 'comprehensive support' for as well as the hundreds of other functions:

• Tonal adjustments: exposure, white balance, levels, high dynamic range, and more
• Detail adjustments: clarity, sharpening & noise reduction, grain, and more
• Tagging and rating: Assign a specific tag or rating with a single button press; Increment ratings and cycle through color tags
• Universal control: Use a single Palette dial to adjust any C1 slider, simply by hovering over it
• Slider module support: Palette sliders can now be assigned to C1 functions; Set custom range for each slider
• Multi-function dial support: Press and turn for coarse control, press to reset

In addition to a software update to bring Capture One compatibility to older Palette kits, Palette Gear has also created a new Capture One Kit that includes one core with a color screen, four buttons, four dials, and two sliders. Like other kits, it's entirely plug-and-play via Micro USB. It's currently priced at $349.99 and will eventually get bumped hip to $409.96, according to Palette Gear's product page.

For more information on the update, head over to Palette Gear's dedicated Capture One product page.