Eyefi has today announced that its Mobi WiFi SD card is no longer necessary to use the company's cloud service. This means that in addition to images that have been captured with a camera and Eyefi card, photographers can now upload images from smartphones and WiFi-enabled cameras to the Eyefi Cloud and have all their images accessible in one place. 

The Eyefi Cloud service is accessible through the Eyefi Mobi app, available for devices running iOS, Android and Kindle operating systems. Images are automatically synced between all devices that are connected to the service and the mobile app offers functions for image preview, organization and basic editing, including cropping and rotation. You can also view the uploaded photos' EXIF data.

You can sign up for the cloud service from within the mobile app and get a free 30 day trial membership. Afterwards, annual memberships are available for $49.99 and include unlimited photo syncing and storage. Head over to Google Play, the Apple App Store or the Amazon App Store to download and try the app now. Further information and pricing details can be found on the Eyefi website