Editing functionality is "Powered by Aviary" and includes auto enhancement, filters as well as more practical photo adjustments. 
Photoful provides an easy method of creating and applying tags.

The app formerly known as PhotoSocial has been revamped and rebranded into Photoful. In addition to automatically organizing photos by date, the app provides tools for users to move and tag individual and groups of images, which can be moved to another date-specific group or placed in a user-created/named album. Browsing is available in the gallery's grid view or can be streamed, full-screen, in a vertical format. 

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Beyond Photoful's organizational and viewing features, users have a trio of choices: Edit, Create and Share. In addition to auto enhancement, effects, frames, stickers and text, to name just a few, more sophisticated editing function ("Powered by Aviary") include brightness, contrast and saturation adjustments as well as the ability to crop and rotate. 

Currently, sending a physical postcard is the only option listed when Create is tapped. Print ordering (for delivery or pickup), collage and slideshow creation icons are built-in but greyed out, indicating some of the developer's future plans. Single and groups of images can be shared via email, iPhone messaging, Facebook, Twitter and Instagram. A blank "add a service" icon portends even more plans for the future.

Gesture-based - you can swipe to select and scroll through images or "toss" one into the trash--the app seems responsive and easy to use during our initial experience. The app, which requires iOS 5.0 or later and is optimized for iPhone 5, can be downloaded here. It's free, at least for now, with even more future plans than already mentioned, including photo backup via cloud services. Feedback-to-developer pop-ups are built in to gauge users' interest in different features. 

Yes, there are similarities between Photoful and iOS 7's "Photos," which are deliberate, according to the app's website. But Photoful seems to have already taken its app a few steps beyond.