Last month, California-based drone manufacturer Skydio teased a follow up to their premier R1 model. Slated for release this Fall, the company recently updated email subscribers with more details about what they're calling the 'Skydio 2,' presumably for the time being. The reel, above, demonstrates some of the new drone's capabilities including the ability to navigate and fly through numerous obstacles, track subjects, and even perform a 360° spin.

Besides being able to fly autonomously and avoid obstacles, the ‘Skydio 2’ will also boast a breakthrough algorithm that can determine ‘where and how to fly to get the most stunning cinematic shots possible.’ Perhaps this ability was referenced in the second frame as the ‘Skydio 2’ gradually pulled away from a single beachgoer to reveal a stunning tropical island.

With the R1, Skydio positioned itself as a drone maker for consumers and enthusiasts. Using Nvidia's onboard computer, the same technology that powers self-driving cars, the R1 can map it surroundings, avoid obstacles in every direction and track a single subject. Remote pilots can launch and fly effortlessly with this built-in technology.

Now, with the ‘Skydio 2,’ the focus has shifted to quality cinematography. A redesigned camera promises polished, professional-grade video. This, alone, makes it a huge improvement from its predecessor. If they offer it up in a compact, light-weight frame with increased battery life, they'll have created the consumer-grade drone to beat.