Click on the share button to the right of any public Instagram photo or video from your desktop web browser to generate an embed code. 
Once the embed code appears, just copy and past it to your blog or website. 

Earlier this month we told you about several sites that generate embed codes for Instagram videos and photos. It seems like Instagram got the message that this was important to its users and has rolled out a new embed feature.

Beginning today, when you visit an Instagram page using your desktop web browser, all you have to do is click on the new share button to the right of the photo or video. Once the embed code is generated, just copy and paste to your blog or website.  The share/embed feature is available for all content that's not private.  Once embedded, however, the Instagrammer's user name appears next to the photo or video, along with the Instagram logo. The latter, when clicked, links to the content creator's page, so if your photo or video is embedded on your — or someone else's — blog, viewers will know who created the image and be able to visit your Instagram page to see more of your work.