Adobe Research, the company's research and development division, has released a look at a new technology that tweaks selfies to improve how they look. The technology, which is presented in a new Adobe video, is designed to improve mobile portrait photography by enabling users to adjust the photo's perspective, depth of field, and more.

Adobe describes its new technology as 'the potential future of selfie photography,' demonstrating how it can be used to replicate a more flattering focal distance, adjust the position of the subject's head within the image, adjust the depth of field using automatic portrait masking and apply styles found in other portraits, such as images found in a Google Image search.

This technology is powered by Adobe Sensei, an artificial intelligence and deep-learning framework the company introduced at Adobe MAX 2016 last November. The selfie technology isn't available to consumers at this time, but instead serves to highlight Adobe's latest developments and to introduce photographers to the kind of tools they may have access to in the future.