AFP news agency's Kabul Chief Photographer Shah Marai was one of several journalists killed by a suicide bomber in Afghanistan's capital city, the agency has confirmed. The attack happened approximately 15 minutes after an initial suicide blast and specifically targeted journalists and aid workers who arrived on scene following the first attack. The second suicide bomber was disguised as a journalist, according to BBC.

The AFP, via Yahoo, has since reported that Marai and nine other journalists were killed in the attack, as well as 'dozens' of others in multiple blasts today. BBC further clarifies that four police officers were killed and at least 45 individuals were injured. Islamic State claims it was behind the attacks.

Marai, father of six including a newborn, began working as a photographer for the AFP in 1998. He described his experiences covering the region under Taliban rule in an essay published by the AFP, including the changes that came with their ousting in 2001 and their return in 2004, as well as the risks associated with carrying a camera.

The agency has issued statements on the tragedy and published a video showcasing some of Marai's work:

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