From horsepower to horse power, 'FRAMES Chapter 2' shares a behind-the-scenes look at what it's like to go from the streets and courses of Formula 1 and World Endurance Championship racing to the first type of racing photographer Jamey Price fell in love with—horse racing.

Unlike the 'FRAMES Chapter 1,' which showed what it took to cover a 24-hour endurance race, 'FRAMES Chapter 2 'follows Price as he covers the 23rd Queen's Cup in Charlotte, North Carolina. As Price narrates throughout the video, the steeplechase horse race presents a unique challenge, both similar and different to motorsports races.

Throughout the six-minute video, we see what it takes to capture the various races throughout the day and, spoiler: it involves a lot of remote cameras (both DSLRs and GoPros), a day of planning, plenty of patience and sacrifice in terms of deciding what shots you capture and what ones you have to hold onto until next year.

Price was kind enough to share a few behind the scenes photos with DPReview:

The video was filmed and produced by Austin Gager. You can find more of Jamey's work on his website.