Lensbaby has launched a Kickstarter campaign for the Lensbaby Circular 180+, a lens that attaches to a GoPro Hero's waterproof housing. The Circular 180+ has an ultra-wide 185° field-of-view and features ‘tack sharp edge-to-edge focus,’ according to Lensbaby, as well as 'intense depth' and rugged construction.

The new lens is designed specifically for GoPro’s Hero action cameras, attaching to the waterproof housing with a mount that screws tightly into place. The lens housing is likewise waterproof with an IP68 standard rating, enabling it to handle ‘extended immersion’ to depths down to 3m/9.8ft. The lens is joined by a water-resistant mount, and there's a waterproof add-on mount as well. Compatibility includes the GoPro Hero, Hero+, Hero+ LCD, and the current standard housing, which supports the Hero4 Silver and Black, Hero3+, and Hero3.

Lensbaby is seeking $30,000 in funding on Kickstarter, where the Circular 180+ lens is offered at various price points as low as $69. Backers are expected to receive their orders in August 2016, assuming the funding campaign is successful.

Via: Kickstarter