Photo by Matthew Brodeur

File this one under "well... obviously." DJI is creating no-fly zones near Olympics venues in South Korea that will prevent its drones from operating in the regions. The no-fly zones will be implemented at the software level as a precaution to prevent any foolish or negligent DJI users from putting safety or security at risk.

These no-fly zones will be in place for the duration of the Games in the following cities:

  • Pyeongchang
  • Gangneung
  • Bongpyeong
  • Jeongseon

Drone security is a big topic for this year's Games. Earlier this week, South Korean officials confirmed that they'll have their own anti-drone UAVs in operation. These UAVs—the ones operated by security officials —will launch nets at any uninvited drone to take them out of the sky.

For its part, though, DJI has confirmed that it will be releasing a software update that creates temporary no-fly zones. This isn't the first time the Chinese company has created temporary airspace restrictions. In a statement to Tech Crunch, DJI explained:

Safety is DJI’s top priority, and we’ve always taken proactive steps to educate our customers to operate within the law and where appropriate, implement temporary no-fly zones during major events. We believe this feature will reduce the potential for drone operations that could inadvertently create safety or security concerns.