Prints and Photographs Division, Library of Congress (004.00.00) © Bob Adelman

On March 20, the Library of Congress announced that it has acquired photographer Bob Adelman's archives, a massive collection containing 575,000 images. An anonymous donor gifted the collection, which now resides with the Library's Prints and Photographs Division. According to the Library's announcement, the collection contains 50,000 printed photos, while the rest of the archives are composed of slides and film negatives.

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Adelman, who was born in 1930 and passed away last March, was an award-winning American photographer well known for his iconic photos of the Civil Rights Movement. Adelman's work spans approximately forty years, documenting topics including racial issues, poverty, immigrant experiences, mental illnesses, addictions, and more. Perhaps best known from Adelman's work are his photos of the March on Washington and Martin Luther King.

Via: Library of Congress