Getting your equipment to location shoots can be a difficult logistical task, especially when you're also hauling lighting equipment in addition to camera gear. Carrying your C-stands could soon be a lot less unpleasant, though, thanks to the new C-stand bags from Matthews Studio Equipment.

You can choose from a shoulder bag and a roller version. The shoulder bag resembles a guitar case and can hold two assembled C-stands. It also comes with am protective internal divider, a grip handle with “easy-catch” magnet and a padded shoulder strap.

The rolling bag is a little larger and can hold three C-Stands with the legs removed. The bag rolls on high density silicon skate wheels and comes with a zippered external compartment, customizable internal dividers for storing light stands or grip accessories and twin side handles, allowing for handling of the bag by two people.

Both bags are available to pre-order now. You'll have to invest $250 in the shoulder bag, while the larger roller case will set you back $350.