Third party camera apps are a great way to customize your mobile photo experience and expand the feature set of your smartphone camera; however, with mobile imaging technology advancing at lightning speed, app makers are constantly playing catch up.

Case in point: the markers of Camera+, one of the most popular third party camera apps for the iPhone, have just released an update that takes full advantage of Apple's newest operating system and the hardware advances in the iPhone 8 Plus. With the release of version 10, the Camera+ app brings support for Apple's new HEIF image format and selective depth editing.

The latter makes use of the dual-camera features on the iPhone 7 Plus and 8 Plus and lets you sharpen, tint and otherwise edit different depth levels in an image that contains depth information. Additionally, there is now a new “Smile to shoot” trigger mode, and a completely overhauled camera interface that incorporates these new features.

Camera+ 10 is available now for $3 on the Apple App Store.