Astropad has announced Windows support for Luna Display 5.0, allowing people to use their iPad as a secondary wireless display for a Windows PC.

Earlier this year, Astropad launched Project Blue. This allowed Windows users to mirror their desktop to an iPad or use the Apple tablet as a drawing pad. Luna Display 5.0 goes far beyond this, delivering full secondary display support for PC like Astropad has previously offered on macOS.

Achieving Windows support in Luna Display 5.0 required a full redesign of Luna Display's apps. Further, Astropad has added a new Luna Display HDMI unit. For Windows, Luna Display 5.0 is available in two port types, USB-C and HDMI. The system requires are Windows 10 64-bit Build 1809 or later and iOS 12.1 or later on the iPad. Astropad recommends an 802.11n Wi-Fi setup or wired ethernet.

The setup process for Luna Display promises to be quick and easy. Once connected over Wi-Fi or ethernet, the connected iPad is compatible with a keyboard and mouse, touch, and the Apple Pencil, including pressure sensitivity.

Astropad says that Luna Display is currently the only hardware solution that allows people to use an iPad as a wireless second display for both macOS and Windows. It's certainly a desired product solution. Last year, we shared the news of Astropad's Luna Display for Windows on Kickstarter. The campaign raised over $400,000 from just over 6,000 backers. Astropad says that it's received over 8,000 preorders for Luna Display for Windows so far.

Astropad has been working on cross-platform support since 2019. Over two years ago, the team wrote a blog post about its switch to a different coding language, Rust.

To celebrate the launch of Luna Display for Windows, Astropad is offering a 20% discount through October 15, which is applied at checkout. Luna Display for Mac and Windows is regularly priced at $129.99. You can learn more at Astropad.

On macOS, the Luna Display 5.0 update may not add major functionality as it does on Windows. However, M1 Macs should experience a faster setup.