Google's Photo Sphere for capturing 360º spheric panoramas was launched in 2012 with the camera app in Android 4.2 and since then has only been available for devices running Google's mobile OS. Now the Photo Sphere team at Google has dramatically increased the potential user base of its app by launching a version for Apple's iOS devices.

As with the Android version, iOS users can capture images that record an all-around view. The final product is interactive, allowing users to look up and down, giving a more realistic impression of the captured scene than a standard photograph. After capture, Photo Spheres can be uploaded for viewing in a web-based Google viewer. You can then also post them to Google Maps or share via the usual social networks.

Photo Sphere is not the first spheric panorama app for iOS - Sphere and 360 Panorama have been available for a while - but iOS users will now have another option at their hands. Photo Sphere for iOS requires iOS 7.0 and is compatible with iPhone and iPad but optimized for the for iPhone 5. It can be downloaded from the Apple Store now. If you would like to learn more about how Photo Sphere works and what the results look like we recommend you read our comprehensive hands-on look at the original Android version

Via: Gizmodo