Chinese manufacturer Zhong Yi Optics has shown of a pair of manual focus prime lenses for Fujifilm's medium format GFX 50S at a tradeshow at Beijing. The lenses are currently the fastest yet announced for GF mount.

The new lens is a Speedmaster 65mm F1.4, which is exclusively designed for the GFX system. Details are scarce, other than what can be seen from photos of the lens. It has manual aperture and focus rings and supports 77mm filters. Mounted on the Fujifilm it will be equivalent to a 51mm F1.1 lens on a full frame body.

The second lens already exists and is being made available for the G-mount. The Speedmaster 85mm F1.2 is equivalent to 67mm F0.95 and features ED, HRI and low-dispersion elements. The lens has a minimum focus distance is 1 meter and 11 aperture blades. It too accepts 77mm filters.

This pair of lenses will ship sometime in 2017 at prices to be announced later.